Patrick Melton

Frankfort, Kentucky 

Patrick Melton biography

My Story

I was born and raised in Frankfort, Kentucky. When I was 13, my family moved out of Franklin County to Lexington, Kentucky. I found the adjustment difficult so I decided to focus most of my attention on sports and academics. I played sports throughout my life and that helped me build teamwork and leadership skills. My parents instilled a hard work ethic at an early age and I spent long hours at the gym and practicing.


In high school, I decided to explore my passion for health and fitness by taking a job at a local gym. After studying the fundamentals of exercise science and nutrition, I found myself gradually getting more involved in the fitness community. I started sharing my knowledge and helping others by teaching group classes, eventually developing a genuine love for being able to positively impact other people’s lives through fitness.


My senior year I was accepted into The University of Kentucky exercise science program. I get to learn what I’m passionate about every day. The knowledge I’ve gained has helped me understand why being physically active matters and how exercise has multiple benefits for your body and mind. It’s also been great because I get to share my knowledge with others who are interested in becoming healthier and more fit. I am living my best life while pursuing a degree at the University of Kentucky.


When I am not working out or studying, I can also be found at music festivals and concerts, off-roading in my Jeep, or playing the piano. (I’m still learning) i also enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures. Being able to learn about new places through travel has opened my eyes to the world outside of Kentucky.


As an instructor, I provide free introductory personal training sessions to local individuals interested in learning more about nutrition and exercise. I am dedicated to providing guidance and support to those in need. I hope to inspire others to take ownership of their health and wellness journey and make positive changes in their lives.